Lindsay Petrick is an Art Director by day and illustrator by night. She has perfected the “cat eye” look and doesn’t believe it will ever go out of style. She grew up in rural Maryland where she developed an imagination and good work ethics. When it was time for college it took a lot of convincing to get her parents to sign off on art school but the stars aligned and Lindsay ventured to Charm City to get her BFA in Illustration. While at The Maryland Institute, College of Art she found a deep appreciation for typography and design which helped her land a job in advertising. Keeping true to all her passions, Lindsay still draws and paints in her free time helping her to release her mind from the constrictions of a corporate job. The people in her life, traveling, music, movies, good food and stories constantly inspire her to keep creating. She currently lives in Baltimore with her two furry room mates: Meatball Mussolini (her rabbit) and Tippi Tortellini (her cat).

You can get in touch with Lindsay directly if you would like to hire her for a freelance project or if you are interested in purchasing an original piece: